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Shree Gurudev Naradaya Namah:
Shree Gurudevaye Namah:                    Shreemat Kunjviharine Namah:


At the first place we greet before the lotus feet of Devotion’s greatest Prefessor Gurudeva Narada and pray that Gurudeva by your blessings we could eulogize about you and shri Hari and could try to show the right way to all living beings of the world, Because the devotion has been communicated in the whole universe by Gurudeva Narada and means to shree Hari has been guided to the devotees by the Devotion. The teacher is only the form of God, teacher only tells us the way to meet God and with their blessing they get the Devotees meet the God, and without Teacher’s blessing it’s very tough to reach shri Hari due the reason that we are unaware of the God’s activities. It’s the only string which bonds with shri Hari. Teacher’s blessings are only the foundation of introducing devotee to God; it has been described in shastras. In the tradition of Guru, to start with the creator of whole universe Shree Hans Bhagwan ju started the teacher’s tradition and enlightened the supreme element in them. Sankadik saints taking forward the Guru Tradition gave the consecration to Narada. Shree Gurudeva Narada was called the Greatest Guru of Devotion. He only told the divine way of meeting Shri Hari. Mata Parvati was given the austerity by Narada only to meet Lord Shiva than only with consecration she was able to meet Lord Shiva. The blessings of Narada enabled Valmiki to write Ramayana. Shree Vedvyas was prepared to hear the chaturloki bhagwata which was completed and separated into twelve sections and he got enlighten, Gave preaching to Pryavrata and showed the path to meet Shree Hari.


                      Dhruva was shown the sight of Shree Hari. Devotee Prahlada was also showered with the blessings of Narada then only Shri Hari after getting pleased by Prahlada had to take the incarnation of Narsingha. King Bahi was disillusioned and king Ambrish was blessed with the special effects of devotion. In the Trataya yug daughter of janaka was told only by Narada that God would meet her in the Pushpavatika. All the sons of King Daksha were sent to the Abode of Shree Hari with the help of Devotion. At the end of Dwapara Bhagwati Rukmani was indulge in the same Gurukripa and Nimbarkacharya was prompted. In the long run Swami Haridasa was seen near the Vrindavana at Rajpura Village with the same Guru Tradition who is the personification of Lalitasakhi. Haridasa after living in Vrindavan made Shree Hari appear in the Nidhivana with his abstract. Thereafter in the Bakebihari Temple shree Bakebihari was enshrined which is still famous by the name of Bakebihari Temple. Nidhivana is beautified by the trees of Vrinda where in Rangmahala shree Radharani and Bakebihari relax, even today it’s believed that lord Krishna,Radharani with all herdgirls dance, after dusk any living being, birds, swan etc couldn’t enter the Nidhivana. In the Rangamahal, Priests after making the Lord sleep go away and in morning when they enter in temple then it is seen that the sweets are already served, the Neema tree shrubs are already used , the water is spread out of utensil and the garlands and make-up stuff are scattered. According to People living around the Nidhivana they hear at night the sound of flute and anklets. The Guru Tradition is full of greatest abstracts and ecstasies. In the Guru Tradition shree Nibakacharaya was also given consecration by Narada. In this way the Guru Tradition Continued. Shree Gurudev Narada’s Temple is situated in the Narada Kunda in whole world.



Father: One of the Ten son from the lap of Brahma.

Consecration: The receiving of Gopal Mantra from Sankadiks.

Prefessor: Devotion, knowledge, Righteousness, Music, Literature, Justice, Vedanta, Astrology, etc Promotion of God’s Devotion in whole world.

Affiliation: (Dev), Devils, celestial Performers, musician, yaksh, Rakhsas, Danav, Naag, Human, Saints all worship Narad.

Form: Descent, Prefessor, Teacher & devotee of Bhagvat

Wandering: Free wandering in whole Universe

Epics: Narada-panchratri and Bhakti-Sutra

Disciple: Dhruva, Prahlada, Priyavrata, Umbrish, Chandrahaas, Daksha Putra, Vedvyas, Valmiki, Nimbakacharya, etc

Place: Badrikaashrama Specially the Valley of Giriraj in Brijmandala, Naradbana, naradkunda, Kusumsarovara


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