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About Us

ShreeNaradNikunjVihari.com is a non-profit website all about Narada Muni.
Narada muni, also addressed as Devasri Narada, is divine celestial sage who spreads the divine message and glories of the Supreme Lord. He is regarded as the Manasaputra, one who has taken birth from the mind of Lord Brahma. In this regard, sage Narada is one of the ten Prajapatis born to Lord Brahma, who completed the work of creation.

Narada muni is described in Hindu scriptures as an effulgent, young sage who holds Veena in hands. He is ever-wandering and always singing "Narayana..Narayana.." He is known as communicator between gods. It is also said that Narada muni creates trouble among the demigods with a positive intention and the drama of trouble eventually does good to all, giving all good morals.

If you want to participate in a noble cause then you can send your donations to the following address:

Shri Devrishi Narad Sewa Trust Naradkund Ashram.
Govardhan Mathura.
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Date of Order:- 29/8/11
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