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 Shree NaradaKunda:

                      This place is situated near the pious place of Kusum sarovar of Giriraj. It is four kilometers away from Govardhana. It has been the mortified place of Gurudeva Narada. At this place only Gurudev Narad showed the Divine way of making God pleased by providing consecration to Dhruva & Prahlada with the help of Chanting Mantras, this place is Exquisite, the landscape of Narada kunda is extremely striking. The beauty of Brijmandala is not only with Yamuna but also with the Ponds. The beauty of pond is with the Water, beauty of water is with its purity. In Indian Culture there is an utmost importance of water. In India water is not only simple water but also it is Holy, now the question arises why this is not in other countries also? It is not there due to the reason that Western Philosophy is limited from the Outer body till Mind only, they don’t know anything about the soul, and it is for this reason that for the Introspection they have to shift towards the Indian Philosophy. In the Introspection Rivers are seen as feminine and Seas are seen as the husbands of Rivers. The Indian Philosophy is Divine which is fully capable of foresightedness that’s why Indian Ponds, River, falls, have not only the materialistic importance but its Divine Importance also has the same glory and is bit different  from the normal stream. This name is adorable to God Narada. Nar means water Ayan means Home; Narayan means the one who lives in water kshirabdhishayee God. In the Narad Kunda’s water the same God Narayana is purifying it. Kurva and Matsya God is also the God’s form. In this way water is an essential specialization of India.


                      This Narad’s Kunda water is not only simple water but it is also the body of Narayana. The power of heart is multi times than the intellectual power. Vaishnava Paramhansa with his extrasensory perception even sitting hundred yojana away can glimpse a devotee and his/her meditation. With the help of Narada and Narayana the kind of fortune which is with the Narada Kunda is rarely found with any other water. In its appreciation the language’s proficiency also fails. The only thing which matters here is abstract feelings.

                      In lieu of Service the work which is received is the salary. It’s the Reward which is given on the fascination of the excellence. The give and take among each other is called the Exchange.


Our country’s greatest contribution is of devotion and the largest contribution in divine love is of Shree Narada’s.


Naradkunda is an ancient place, it has been appeared by Gurudev Narada himself decorated with creepers and beautified with lotuses Naradakunda is a very interesting place. It is written in the shreemad Bhagwata Mahapurana that even today lord krishna’s friend Udhava with Gurudev Narada is there in the Naradakunda. The supreme devotee full of devotion gets his sight. At this place only the sitar-holder Gurudev Narada while eulogizing wanders in whole universe and scrutiny the activities of Naradkunjvihari. Naradkunda is a heavenly place, with the blessing of Gurudev Narada only the path of devotion to Shree Hari could be found. This is an ancient temple. Even today in the Tradition of Guru the contemporary shree 108 shree Deenbandhusharana Dev ju is looking after this Divine place and showing the path of Devotion to all living beings, here every now and then divine tales, prayers and charities keep on happening. The most vital thing of this place is that here twenty four hours ‘Yugal Mantra’

‘Radhey Krishna’  ‘Radhey Krishna’ Krishna Krishna Radhey Radhey
Radhey Shyam Radhey Shyam shyam Shyam Radhey Radhey

                       Is being chanted by the devotees which really sooth ears and pleases the conscience to a great extent. Here the accommodation is also available. The soul experiences a Divine pleasure just by coming to Naradakunda which could be only received at this place by getting the Sight of Gurudev Narada.



Shree Narada Tapsthali Naradkunda Goverdhana (Historical Introduction)

The one who purifies whole universe, blending the Divine Love, promoter of ‘Sankeertana’ and the embodiment of Shree Hari Gurudev Narada’s only, its austerious place in the whole world where you present for eternity.

Yatrev Narado Nityam snane Kritva Tapshcharan’

Yato Narad kundakhyam  sarvehe faldayakam’


In this Naradakunda the bathing and sipping water enables the Desire, according to Bhavishya Puran, Dhruva was given consecration here only by Gurudev Narada.

Govardhana Giro prapta Nardosiyopdeshkah

Se vakte bhagvad dhyanam Masashat che mahavratti

                                                                                              Bhavishya Puran’


Heeranakashipu’s wife Kaydhuwas also preached the same; Prahlada was also enlightened here only.

Tato no Matarmrishi samaniye nijashremam

Ashvasiye  hoshyatan vatsye yavate te bhraturamam

                                                                                              Bhagwat ji’


Shree Udhava was made to hear this Bhagwat’s significance here only. He told that in Narada’s company I stayed in Naradakunda.

Tasma ne narada kundeatra trishthmi swechaya sada.

Te name braj talleshu vasme vadreem gatah



Naradacreated Bhaktisutra Grantha while sitting here only. You take the sight of Lord Krishna’s daily activities of wandering in the embodiment of female-friends here only. Shree Nibakaachrya was given the Consecration of Gopal Mantra at this place only; it is also described in Anyanya Puran.  

                      This temple’s and kunda’s renovation work was done in the year 1886 in the Tradition of Nimbarka under the sub-tradition of Haridasi by eighth professor, Shree Rasikbihari the head of Rasikbihari temple, Shree Govardhan Sharan Devju at the outset of Gurudeva Narada in the dreams by digging in the centre of five trees only. In that place at that time Pakar, Budd, Guler, peeple and Paras Peeple were the five trees which present nearby to each other. Radha Kunda, Mukhrai, Tallee, Jamunawati, and Bhawanpura the five villagers who were the main disciples. Even today these villagers have been affiliating this place as a Guru Dwara. In all their auspicious work first they serve here.


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