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Even today this tree has been beautifying this place.

Asvatath sarva vrakshnaam devasharna chey nardah|

gandhvarnaam chitrasthaya sidhanaam kapilo muni||


sab vraksha main people samah, Narad sabhi Devarshi main|

hoon sidhgun main kapil muni main, chitrarath gandharva main||


Arjuna, in all trees Peeple and in all divine sage Narada is me only. Before the Geeta kaal till today we both have been staying together in this Banasthali. People know me by the name of Parasa Peeple; I am the antecedents of Peeple tree of the Narada Era. I am proud of it. The ashram saints explains me fifty first descendants by the tradition. They keep on worshipping me. My fifty grand fathers and fore fathers before me on this Punyabhumi where I am today have been doing austerity. My name is Parasa as I blossom four types of flowers. My fruit is also long lived. Fulfilling everyone's wish is my basic nature. In this way I consider myself blessed, with the blessings of Shree Narada only I could get the space in Govardhana. I would be always obliged to him.  



Vaishnava Jan calls shree Yamuna as a Mata. Shree Yamuna's sambhodan is Omni-famous. As you are the form of Lord Krishna and benefactor of bliss.  

You are worshipped alike Lord Krishna. Those who are close to lord Krishna gets the same appreciations as proportionate to the Lord Krishna himself. Maa Yamuna transforms the selfishness of the living being into the noble service for showing the right path of Vishnu devotion. In this way your deliberations does not decay. After all Shani is your brother. Here at the Naradakunda, There is an enormous temple of his Shani's Vakra Drishti converted into Vaishnavta after coming here, when you get exhausted after destructing and preserving of whole universe you relax after plummeting in lord Krishna's devotion.  

At the Naradakunda various saints have been coming at times to meet the Maharishi. In them Vyas, Jamdagni, Shuk, Kavi, Deerdhtama, Durvasa, Parashar, Ugrashrava, Pultsay, Markande, Chandilya, Gargacharya and Janjali etc., are eminent.  

In their Aashram Bargad, Jamun, Peeple, Peelu, Vela, Chameli, Gulab, Kareel, Ashok, Aam, and Imli etc and many creeps were in plenty. This Tapovana was known for Tulsi's Bani. Barsane's Brahmagiri, Nandagaon's Rudragiri, Kaamvan's Kaamgiri, bathen's Charanpahari this Vishnu's Bapugiri Giriraj has been spread near even today.  

At the Naradakunda the temple of shani has been renovated, here every Saturday there is a fare. It is believed that after taking bathe in the Naradakunda on Saturdays people are relieved from shani sin (doshas).



A Huge hall has been constructed near Naradakunda, where preaches and carols are made. Naradakunda is an ancient place and temple. Efforts are being made to renovate it. There is a plan to rebuild Naradkunkvihari temple in future. Lord Krishna's peacocks are seen wandering at the Naradakunda. Peacock's chorus is really adorable and its dance is amazing in the rainy season. Devotees who complete a roundabout and take bath in Naradakunda feel ecstatic after the sight of Narada. Here the saints keep on visiting; they amplify the purity of this place.

Shree Kunjvihari wanders with her dear Radha Rani at this place. The Braj Mandal is full of divine places where Brajvihari communicate love with his activities. Love is the purest form of Lord Krishna's activities. It's a great fortune of human being when he advances his feet towards the devotional way. The sight of Shree Gurudeva Narada itself inspires towards the path of Devotion. The each and every step towards Naradakunda kill his/her sins and gives the company of Narada and living being submerges in the essence of devotion, God Nikunjvihari gets pleased only with devotion, the singing and listening of carols of his pious name even without feelings human gets free from all sins and gets the heavenly abode of God. With the pure Devotion even the little extent of Divine deeds which human does is enough to give him/her imperishable joy till infinity. Devotion Is like Kamdehnu for human beings.

Only three things are essence in this world. The company of true devotees, devotion of Shree kunjvihari and a Neutral behavior to tolerate sorrows and joys. Devotion is achieved with the company of devotees of God is only acquire by good deeds of previous births. The one whose all sins of previous birth are killed its easier for him/her only to get true company.


Who is the Devotee of God?

  • One who never gives pain to others with mind, voice and actions.
  • One who are the devotees of God and Devotees.
  • One who favors parent's equivalent to God.
  • Who are indulged in Carols and submerged in the service of Shree Hari are the devotees of God.
  • Who respects the name of God and gets elated after listening the divine name of God are the supreme devotees.
  • The human beings who always serve cows and Vaishnavas those devotees and the one who keep on doing pilgrimage and those who keep on chanting the name of the God they extremely love to God.
  • Those who greet and wear Tulsi are the Supreme Devotees.

    The God has told by himself:

    Those people who are entirely indulged in my devotion, I am happy with them, and always take care of them there is no doubt in that.

    Before travelling through the places of God's activities, let's consider the life's journey.

  • Who are we?
  • Where have we come from?
  • What is our purpose of coming to this world?

    Our incarnation in this universe is in the form of living being and we are the element of that god by whom we are manifested and he is the owner of this universe i.e. Shree Narada Kunkvihari only, whose luster, skills, joy is ecstatic. When the life's great deeds are summed up than only living being gets attracted towards Narada Kunjvihari. It's not easy to congregate God straightaway but it's possible only when Shree Narada Kunjvihari blesses and takes on the true means. Shree Narada Kunjvihari himself is God. When God gets blissful on living being's deeds then only it gets the Satguru then after becoming the medium he only positions the living being to meet Shree Hari. The appearance of Shree Hari is really gorgeous and pleasing. The appearance of Shree Hari is the sea of paradise and whosoever savors the essence from him the world seems to be a Zero and then he can not live without the God. The aim of life is only to reach towards the feet of shree Narada Kunjvihari but ironically living being in the form of human after coming to the world sinks in the God made Substance. He gets trapped in dying and taking births repeatedly in the materialistic world and to devour the fruits of his own deeds takes the births and re-births in many worlds and devours. The effect of God's substance is so strong that the human is not able to come out of its grip. In order to be protected from the materialistic world there is only one way out that even in this Kaluga is to sing carols and chant the name of God persistently. The Kaluga is only for the carols and chanting the name of God for the reason that the people who keep on chanting the name of God are not affected by Kaluga moreover that being while chanting the name of the God crosses the Bhava Sagara.


    In this World there are lots of joy, sorrow, difficulty, barrier and obstacle. In order to be protected from all these shree Nabaha says:

    Bhakta, bhakti, bhagwata Guru, chatur naam vapu eka l
    enke pada vandana kiye, nashe vigna aneka ll

    It means the true follower, the true dedication, the almighty and the Guru these all are same, there form is one, and after greeting theme on their feet all the troubles get diminished. The only means to reach or meet God is love, Belief in the soul of Devotional feelings. God is delighted by love and the God becomes happy only through Devotees true feelings. The love of herd girls of Braj for Lord Krishna was the True love. The herd Girls left their parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, children and all after devoted Lord Krishna who is the leader of whole universe and, acquired the owner of the Universe. In the Shreemad Bhagvata Geeta also lord Krishna tried many ways to make Arjuna understand but Arjuna's disillusionment didn't gets over after that Lord Krishna said:

    Sarvadhrman paritajya bhamaika sharana vraja !
    Ahama tva sarva papebhyo mokshayishyami maa shuchaaha!!

    It means after sacrificing all religion and all duty in me, who is supreme power, Universal Religion and God; you surrender yourself in my shelter only. I will make you free from all sins. You don't mourn. You have to do one work only.

    Manmana bhava madabhakton maddaji maan namaskurun I

    Mamayevaishyansi satyam ve pratijane priyoasi main!!

    You should be the one who keeps affection in me, after becoming my devotee does my devotion and one who greets me, by doing this you will get me only.

    Congregating God is the only religion of Living being, the supreme work is only the meeting of Soul with the God because the living being's appearance has been only done through Shree Hari and to meet God is desired triumph. There are nine ways for getting Bhagvata.

    Shravanama keertanama vishnum: smarnama padsevnama.

    archanama vandnama daasyama sakhyamatmanivednama.


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