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Shree Kunjvihari made the Braj Dhama as his place of activities.The whole Braj is pious as the Leeladhari shree Hari; Shree Narada kunjvihari has executed the actions in the form Lord Krishna. In the Braj Chaurasi the feet of God were impressed at different places resulting in the piousness of the Braj Soil. So before travelling through the constructor of whole Universe, blissful Lord Krishna’s places let’s consider in the Guru Rituals the tradition of Prefessor.  


Sno. Name Starting Finishing
1Shri Hans BhagwanSatyug  
2Shri Sanakasnandan SanatansantkumarSatyug  
3Shri Narad BhagwanSatyug  
4Shri Nimbark BhagwanDwaparant  
5Shri NiwasacharyaDwaparant884
6Shri Vishwacharya884964
7Shri Purshottamcharya9641064
8Shri Vilasacharya10641154
9Shri Swarupacharya11541179
10Shri Madhwacharya11791239
11Shri Balbhadracharya12391299
12Shri Padmacharya12991339
13Shri Shyamacharya13391389
14Shri Gopalacharya13891473
15Shri Kripacharya14731525
16Shri Devacharya15251615
17Shri Brijbhushan Devacharya16151640
18Shri Brijjivan Devacharya16401660
19Shri Janardan Devacharya16601720
20Shri Vanshidhar Devacharya17201755
21Shri Madhur Devacharya17551755
22Shri Hari Vallabh Devacharya17551825
23Shri Mukund Devacharya18251849
24Shri Lalitbhanu Devacharya18491929
25Shri Kannhar Devacharya19291989
26Shri Vasudevacharya19892049
27Shri Suratbhanu Devacharya20492089
28Shri Pittambar Devacharya20892154
29Shri Chintamani Devacharya21542224
30Shri Yugalkishor Devacharya22242374
31Shri damodur Devacharya23742434
32Shri kamalyan Devacharya24342524
33Shri Govardhan Devacharya25242608
34Shri shyam Devacharya26082678
35Shri Rishikesh Devacharya26782738
36Shri Madhusudan Devacharya27382850
37Shri Gop Devacharya28502900
38Shri Roopnidhan Devacharya29002940
39Shri Janhariya Devacharya29402975
40Shri Madhuranath Devacharya29753027
41Shri Premnarayana Devacharya30273044
46Shri Tribhanga Devacharya362922
47Shri Harimilap Devacharya922974
48Shri Yashodananda Devacharya9741066
49Shri Jaideva Kavi Devacharya10661171
50Shri Jangopal Devacharya11711201
51Shri Madhava Devacharya12011241
52Shri Vishnu Devacharya12411266
53Shri Balgovinda Devacharya12661291
54Shri Ramkrishna Devacharya12911321
55Shri Parmananda Devacharya13211346
56Shri Bhagwat Devacharya13461371
57Shri Janbhagwan Devacharya13711401
58Shri Krishana Devacharya14011431
59Shri Purshuottam Devacharya14311441
60Shri Nandlal Devacharya14411476
61Shri Hari Devacharya14761492
62Shri Aasudheer Devacharya14921562
63Shri Swami Haridas Devacharya15621632
64Shri Vitthalvipul Devacharya16321632
65Shri Viharini Devacharya16321659
66Shri Saras Devacharya16591683
67Shri Narhari Devacharya16831741
68Shri Rasik Devacharya17411758
69Shri Pitambar Sharan Dev Ji Maharaj17581808
70Shri Goverdhansharan Dev Ji Maharaj18081890
71Shri Krishna Sharan Dev Ji Maharaj18901920
72Shri Krishna Vallabhsharan Dev Ji Maharaj19201936
73Shri Kevalkrishna Sharana Dev Ji Maharaj19361955
74Shri Narayan Dev Ji Maharaj19551970
75Shri Shyamasharan Dev Ji Maharaj19701079
76Shri Brijmalisharan Dev Ji Maharaj19792019
77Shri Jaiviharisharan Dev Ji Maharaj20192047


The contemporary Shree Deenbandhu Sharan Dev ju

God personifies on this world just for his activities. God has executed this cosmos in every era with his activities. In Satayuga, in the form of Narayana, in Tretayuga in the form of Lord Rama to establish the dignity and to destroy the devils, and in Dwaparyuga in the form of Lord Krishna who has executed many actions and introduced his Divinity, Defined the adoring Devotion and affirmed the herd girls about the congregation between the Soul and the God after making them entitled for the loving Devotion. Shree Krishna Means the one who attracts every living being towards himself by his charm, for this in the Dwapara yuga the pair Shree Nikunj Vihari and Shree Nikunj in the form of a traveler has fed the honey of his charm to the True Devotees and herd girls of Braj. The herd Girls who are in the form of soul their God Shree Kunjvihari is only their life surface. The herd girls Met Shree Krishna with their tender Devotion. Lord Krishna do live with their Devotees always, both are gracious to each other.


When Shree Nikunj Vihari was in Golok Dham with Shree Radha Rani to do the activities in Dwapara Yuga then with his supreme power shree Radha he requested but Shree Radha didn't want to come to the Earth after leaving the Gokul Dham. She always lives in Gokul Dham but when asked by Lord Krishna shree Radha posed a condition that she would go to the earth only when the Golok Dham would be on the Earth due to this reason a piece of Gokul Dham was brought at the Earth and that is called as Bruj Chaurasi kos or Brujdham. This place was the only one which the Lord Krishna made it his activity place there even today Brujdham is present. Where Gokul, Mathura, Vrindavana, Govardhana, Barsana, Nandgaon, etc is the place of activities of the Lord. Shree Radha Rani is the Supreme Power of lord Krishna, due to this reason only he is always lost in her beauty. Lord shree Krishna's soul is Radha Rani that's why in the Dwapara Yuga the incarnation happened. In this Yuga only the lord told how to meet God with Love and Devotion.

The God's incarnation was done through activity only. The activities which the Lord has to do regarding that with his supreme power Shree Radha Rani gets executed on this Earth.


The lord has said in Shreemadbhagvadgeeta

Yada yada ee dharmasya glani r bati bharata
Abhuthanam dharmasya tadatmanam srajamyam


Lets go towards the activities of God. In the Dwapara Yuga when the evils increased a lot then all the angels with lord Brahma Ji reached lord Nikunjvihari and prayed to vanish all evils and establish religion. On this The God Agreed.


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